Welcome to the Crooked House Bistro

A culinary work of art

Chef Bernard Malherbe is passionate about food and wine, and puts his heart into every dish he creates.  Using only the most fresh and wholesome ingredients available, he marries flavors into a balanced, culinary work of art.

Come in, have some good food and wine and above all enjoy a warm, cozy and friendly atmosphere.


(Now seriously, if I was a philosopher do you think I’d be cooking for a living?)

I believe that the experience of a good meal, paired with a good wine and enjoyable conversation, is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  At the Crooked House Bistro, it is my pleasure to provide the food and wine to the equation.

I start by shopping daily for the most fresh and wholesome ingredients the season has to offer.  For this reason, the menu will change often to reflect the availability of each season.

Our wine list will feature a variety of French and local Oregon wines.  In addition, each week we will be promoting a different Oregon winery with recommended dishes to pair with, and complement the featured wine.

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